Move in together until the institution separates you

Real estate market / real estate news: Moving in together is the new marriage for Generation Z. If it used to be common to move in together and then get married, only the wedding was big to plan, the moving in together worked as a matter of course. That has long been a thing of the past. Today, couples question everything and moving in together becomes even more costly than the wedding.

Apartment or house – the first conflict is pre-programmed

Well, people have different ideas about happiness and their future. As a minimalist, it's hard to imagine living in a large house with numerous furnishings. There also the one room apartment with the air mattress is enough. When choosing the future dwelling, couples should in any case agree on one thing: starting a family.

Are there already children from previous relationships, do they move in with you or is it a fresh young love happiness? Then it remains to be clarified whether there is even the interest in bottles and diapers change. After how many years? Today or nevertheless only in five years? Those who are unsure as a couple should put the size of the home in the back of their minds. For the time being, it is exclusively a matter of somehow getting along financially and, above all, with each other. The best decision for a couple is to choose small accommodation. If it doesn't work, it doesn't get any better in a five-story house, where there are only enough corners for one to hide from the other.

What comes with and what has to wait?

She has an old ochre sofa that he finds obnoxious. Somehow this would work with a sofa cover, but the sofa will never fit in the apartment. He has a large collection of decorations from his favorite club and she can't even remotely relate to soccer. This makes for some neat spark and both should visit each other beforehand to discuss pros and cons for each other's furnishings. Finally, couples still need new furnishings from the furniture store and even there the tastes must meet somewhere in the middle.

But what happens to what does not move with? The storage in Berlin – the alternative to self-storage, is the solution to safely store the utensils. They are supervised, securely stored and can be picked up in individual carloads if needed. There is also no time limit for storage in Berlin. The most important advantage: If living together does not work out so well, the furnishings from the previous time are present and everything is turned back. Living alone again, but with what was and is dear to you.

Moving in together means living together

If one partner moves in with the other, there must be clear concessions. The partner, who has lived alone in the apartment or house until now, must offer the moving-in partner freedom if the relationship is to last long. If you have enough living space, it has proved worthwhile to dispense with a shared bedroom. The classic pattern is very outdated and not infrequently partly to blame for the fact that so many divorces occur.

It is better for the couple to have two bedrooms in addition to the common rooms. As the own realm of the respective partner. A room that he or she can design as desired. The beds should be large enough that they can visit each other to spend the nights together.

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