Construction financing consulting more than just finding the cheapest interest rate

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Most of our clients are people who have never had anything to do with buying, building or financing a property before. We offer these customers comprehensive advice on the subject of financing, but we are also happy to give tips on the subject of "buying or building a new property". Your advantage: most of our colleagues have more than 20 years of professional experience, so they have already seen and experienced quite a lot.

A good real estate financing has to fit to you and the real estate. It is not enough to give them a "few data" enter into an online database system and find the cheapest provider for standard financing. It's like going to the doctor, who enters your symptoms into the PC and says "70% of this could be a flu-like infection". Here the prescription! If things don't get better, come back in two weeks!". Maybe it was actually the flu infection and "the advice" of the physician was gold-correct, but which, if not?

To change a once running real estate financing in the further course and to adapt better to your situation, is as good as impossible. Once a loan agreement has been concluded, subsequent changes are hardly possible (or cost a lot of money). It is therefore all the more important to set up the right financing from the very beginning. And it often comes down to small details that you may not have thought about and for which there are no checklists. Experienced consultants quickly realize which details are important and what they need to ask about.

This is what we offer you as part of our construction financing advice:

  • an exact determination of the basics (e.g. the total costs of building a house)
  • many practical tips around the purchase, the new construction or the modernization of real estate (for example, how you can protect yourself against botched construction)
  • understandable information about the various financing options
  • a federal funds check (incl. help with the application)

Consulting: free of charge but not for nothing!

Our consulting services are usually (with very few exceptions*) free of charge to you. This is possible because we receive a one-time commission from the respective banks if we successfully arrange your financing (usually 1 to a maximum of 2 percent of the loan amount). You do not have to pay the commission via higher interest rates o.ä. because we get them because we do most of the work for the banks.

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