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If you have committed to a mortgage – or are considering doing so – there is a reasonable chance this will be the largest debt you ever commit to. Generally speaking, your mortgage loan and repayment structure will be over the course of 25 to 30 years. Whilst this can provide enough time for you to pay it off, you will likely accrue a large amount of interest over the course of paying your mortgage. This means the already large sum of money can become significantly larger. In fact, it is very possible you will end up paying more than double your original loan without exceptional planning. As such, it is worth considering how to reduce your mortgage to something more manageable.

If you’ve got the equity, we got the loan!

8 Tips for Buying Rental Properties as an Investment

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reports that since 2000, the national average rate of home appreciation has been 4.7%. If you calculate the average from April 2021 to April 2022, it was 18.8%!

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Given the costs and the competition, entering the Boston area’s housing market can seem next to impossible.

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The Massachusetts spring housing market is shaping up to be better than expected. Many potential first-time homebuyers overestimate the down payment and credit scores needed to qualify for a mortgage today. First-time homebuyers are often surprised at the number of loan programs specifically designed to make homeownership more affordable. Using the tips below, we can help get you ready and guide you through the process of applying for a mortgage and buying a new home. You can also download our FREE Homebuyer Guide for more information.

When you’re buying your first home, applying for a home loan may seem like a daunting prospect. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. We show you what you need to know about finding and, most importantly, securing your first home loan so that you can get onto the property ladder as soon as possible.

Understand what you can borrow

Before you apply for any loan – and before you even begin your property search – you should always have an understanding of how much you can borrow. The easiest way to do this is to use a mortgage calculator.

Purchasing real estate as interest rates continue to increase is challenging. While some potential buyers rather take a gamble and hold off to see if rates will decline or if home prices will drop to a level they can afford, not everyone has that option. Others don’t see a benefit in waiting –and they might be right.

High mortgage rates also concern potential sellers, which means fewer homes are being listed. When it comes to home prices, some areas have experienced decreases (as much as 30%), but that’s not the case in most locations. Of course, there’s also the concern of inflation, which affects other areas of life.

In a fast-paced industry like ours, you have to keep up with the best to be successful — especially when demand is high and mortgage rates are low. But as a mortgage loan originator (MLO), you’ll have to contend with some stiff competition if you want to land more business.

Selling your home is no joke, as anyone who has tried selling it for the first time will tell you. You have to do tons of cleaning and maintenance work apart from the elaborate paperwork that can easily give anyone sleepless nights. If you are overwhelmed with the job at hand, here is a list you want to follow to sell your house quickly and get a top dollar for it.

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Purchasing a new home is an exciting time for everyone. It can sometimes be a challenge to just stop daydreaming about how great your new home will be. As exciting as it might all seem, don’t get too carried away and end up going into homeownership blind.

Helga Kern is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Swiss Active Alpha Fund

Despite the current boundless optimism on the markets, the current situation carries risk for price corrections, says Helga Kern, Swiss Active Alpha Fund. Overall, however, the Swiss Active Alpha Fund has gained 4.4.