Ancillary construction costs are a real burden on the wallet

For those not named Rockefeller, building or buying a home comes with costs that need to be carefully calculated. Therefore, if you only have a certain budget to work with, don't lose sight of ancillary construction costs. These can easily account for 15 to 20 percent of total construction costs. But what counts as ancillary construction costs and what does each item cost? We have compiled the most important costs for you.

Development costs must be

Development costs are incurred for connections to the public piped water, gas, electricity and telephone systems, as well as for traffic areas such as roads or sidewalks. Mostly development costs are calculated as a lump sum, at about 7 to 10% of the land value for plots up to 600 square meters in size. Some regions calculate the pro rata development costs also according to the property road frontage. One should inquire before therefore better with municipality and supply enterprises, which costs come on one.

Attention: it can take years, even several decades, before the cities z.B. Settle the costs for road construction in a new development area – i.e. allocate them to the owners!


House connection costs, so that the water runs

The development costs only include the connection of the supply and disposal lines up to the property boundary. For the connection of the house further fees are due. These vary from municipality to municipality and can be inquired at the respective public utility company.

Also the broker would like to come on its costs

If you buy a house or the land through a broker, you must pay the brokerage fee. This varies from region to region and amounts to between 3 and 6 percent of the property price plus value-added tax. In any case, it is advisable to find out the exact amount of the broker's commission before buying the property. Perhaps the seller agrees to share half of the costs.

Notary fees, so that everything has its order

A land purchase or a house purchase must be notarized by the notary public. This also takes care of the land register entry. Buyer and seller each pay half of the notary fees and the land register entry. Costs of 1.5 to 2 percent of the purchase price can be assumed.

Real estate transfer tax, so that the state also gets something out of it

Also the tax office earns at a real estate acquisition with. Also here the object value is valid as calculation basis. The real estate transfer tax is 3.5% of the purchase price.

Security order, so that the bank has security

In order to obtain a loan from the bank, a future builder must provide evidence of collateral. These are usually mortgages and land charges. The registration of a land charge in the land registry is 0.5% of the loan amount. This amount is charged by both the notary and the land registry office.

Other ancillary financing costs

In addition to the security order, depending on the bank and type of construction financing, further costs can accrue, z.B.: processing fees, appraisal and valuation costs (0.5% of the loan), commitment costs for the loan (0.25% p.m.) and partial disbursement surcharges. Partial disbursement surcharges are due if the loan is paid out in several installments. The borrower pays a lump-sum fee to his lender for this or the interest rate for the total financing is increased by 0.1 percent.

Insurances, so that the owner can sleep calmly

To save on insurance would be to save at the wrong end. For example, fire insurance for the building shell and subsequent homeowners insurance (against fire, water and storm damage) is mandatory for all those who finance with outside funds. Without appropriate insurances there is no loan from the bank. Incidentally, please note our article on the various insurance policies that a builder should take out during and after the construction phase.

Outside plant, so that everything is green

Many new buildings are around the house a sandy desert for years, the entrance runs over a plank way or loosely thrown down natural stone leftovers. In this case the costs for the construction of the outside areas were probably not financed as well. As an average value, about 5.000.00 to bring the garden and access to the house up to scratch.

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